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The MYSA Board is comprised of members from the Malcolm Public School community.  The MYSA by-laws were amended August 2016 to include up to ten board members. MYSA sports generally cover grades Kindergarten thru 8th grade so board members are commonly those with students in that age range.


Each August MYSA holds its annual meeting of members.  At the annual meeting, elections are held for board openings.  A board member term is three years beginning in August of the year the board member is elected.  Board members may be re-elected once their three year term is up.

There are currently four officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Officers and other board members are expected to attend monthly meetings, help with registration of students for MYSA sports, and attend and help organize MYSA tournaments and events.

Current Board Members
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Matt Thieman, President

Kelly Frank, Secretary

Lacey Rohe, Treasurer

Eric Kaczor

Brittni Peltz

Nick Benes

Kelsey Rezney

Sarah Starostka

Morgan Christensen


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