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The Malcolm Youth Sports Association (MYSA) exists to support the youth sports programs of the Malcolm School District; to stimulate interest in those programs, and to promote positive competitive spirit and sportsmanship in those programs.

MYSA sponsors teams in:
Tackle Football
Flag Football

All families that participate in MYSA sponsored sports are part of MYSA and encouraged to participate as coaches, concession volunteers, and in other areas as needed throughout the year.

MYSA functions through an official board of seven volunteers.  Board elections are held in August and members are asked to serve a three year term.  MYSA Board meetings are held monthly throughout the school year.

MYSA is a non-profit organization.  MYSA is funded through player participation fees and primarily through tournament proceeds.  MYSA typically hosts around ninetournaments each year.  MYSA typically hosts the following tournaments:
3rd-6th grade Volleyball Tournament
Jr. High Volleyball Tournament
Jr. High Boys Basketball Tournament
Jr. High Girls Basketball Tournament
3rd-6th grade Basketball Tournament
Malcolm Wrestling Club Tournament
10U Baseball Tournament
12U Baseball Tournament
14U Baseball Tournament

MYSA also works in conjunction with Malcolm Public Schools and other outside entities to provide students/coaches with training opportunities. MYSA typically provides students/coaches with the following training opportunities:
Boys Basketball Clinic w/MHS Coach Troy Pritchett
Girls Basketball Clinic w/MHS Coach Trudy Samuelson
Wrestling Clinic w/area college-level coaches
Strike Zone Baseball Coaches Certification Clinic
Pre-Season Football Clinic w/MHS Coach Scott Amen

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